A few things I have worked on.

I've worked on many project behind closed doors, but here are a few that I have been able to work on in public.

  • Headroom

    Open source starter for building headless sites with Astro

    Astro • TypeScript • Tailwind CSS • APIs
  • Project Zao

    A proof-of-concept page builder for Next.js and React. Bring your own components.

    Next.js • React • Tailwind CSS
    In Development
  • Proper

    Generate shell scripts to setup a macOS laptop for design, development, and whatever else you need.

    Next.js • Tailwind CSS
    On Hold
  • Zephyr

    A themeable component library for React and Vue

    React • Vue • TypeScript
    On Hold
  • Fundación Flag

    Marketing site for foundation in Mexico City that provides students scholarships.

    Vue • Nuxt • Tailwind CSS
  • Press CSS

    Pre-Tailwind era CSS framework, built for Frontiers USA.

    CSS • PostCSS